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Month: March 2017

Let us be!

Let us be!

“Can your child speak 20 words yet?”

“Can she pick up her toys?”

“Can she diffuse a bomb while going 100 mph down the highway in oncoming traffic?”

“Has she written a symphony yet?”

“No? Well, we better start thinking about therapy.”


That is what goes through my mind when I take my kids to the pediatrician. The milestones kids are supposed to hit by a certain age these days are ridiculous. Every child develops on their own, so why force it? Why make the parents question their parenting, when there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it? In my opinion it further contributes to the depression and anxiety mothers suffer in today’s age.

When I left the room after the 18 month checkup was done, I saw my kids’ pediatrician on the phone and thought to myself Is he calling CPS on me?  He was worried that my toddler was speaking much yet. I wasn’t, because my oldest was a late talker as well, and now doesn’t ever stop talking. (Like ever.) But as I left the Dr’s office, I started paying more attention to my toddler’s speech. It’s been almost 2 months, and I still am quietly obsessing over how much she speaks and understands. She understand just fine, she just doesn’t talk much. But last night I was laying in bed and decided I will make a list of the words she says and understands, so that I can keep track of it.

This is ridiculous. I didn’t worry like this with my oldest. Nobody made me feel like an inadequate parent because she didn’t say X amount of words by age Y. This needs to stop. It’s not healthy for anyone. Words like autism are being tossed around, when a child is merely developing on their own terms and speed. (Not that autism is “bad” thing, but it’s not something that should be diagnosed lightly, as in “I’m concerned because he’s only saying 19 words instead of the 20 that are required.”)

Where will it end? Will doctors start evaluating milestones before birth? “Your child doesn’t know sign language yet, you will be a horrible parent.”

It’s insanity to put this much pressure on parents. Let the kids be kids for crying out loud, and don’t make parents feel bad because their kids aren’t little geniuses.

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I Love You, But Please Back Off

I Love You, But Please Back Off

I love these kids with all my heart. They’re my joy and pride.

But lately they have been on top of me 24/7. I’m talking while I eat, sleep, use the bathroom or try to take a shower or bath. Every waking minute. So much so, that I had to result to staying up until 1 am to get some time to myself, which is mostly spent doing chores. This means less sleep for me, but the sleep-to-sanity ratio is a funny thing.

Being in my third trimester now the SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) is in full force. This means, that constantly getting up and walking back and forth is almost torture. And it only gets worse from here. Still, I do it because who else is going to? My husband has a stressful job, and even though he works from home, until he’s done for the day, there’s little to no help.

What I have realized these last couple of days, is that it’s ok to let go of the “unimportant tasks”. So I let the dishes pile up during the day, I overlook the toys scattered over the living room floor, and the askew curtains. When I get the 2 hours at night, that’s when I do it. You’d think that stinks, spending your alone time doing that stuff. But really, it doesn’t. It actually releases stress for me, and I get to wake up to a clean house which is a much better start to the day. And during the day I get snuggles and kisses, and all the affection mixed in with fits and tantrums, intervening fights, and struggling to get them to nap. And nothing in the world would make me change it. Now offer me a vacation home on Mars, and we can talk. (Just kidding, Sort of…)

So, in the end:

I love you, please DO NOT back off.

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Why The Bluetooth Enabled Instant Pot Is Genius

Why The Bluetooth Enabled Instant Pot Is Genius

I found myself stuck in bed with my toddler, when my Instant Pot beeped. Couldn’t move, didn’t know what I should do. I didn’t want my soup to burn because of the keep warm setting. But I stuck it out, and it was worth it, because look at this…

…and the soup came out awesome anyway. When I reached the IP, the display said LO:23. Whoops! Still delicious, though.

I am currently 6 months pregnant, and I will be trying to breastfeed. Someone in the Instant Pot Community group on facebook mentioned that she also had thought of it during some nursing sessions where she couldn’t reach her pot or had to plan around eating times. With a total of three kids running around (well, the baby not so much at first!) the Bluetooth will come in super-handy!
Besides, nothing wrong with having two Instant Pots 😉

Chicken Lentil Soup (recipe)

Side note: I omitted the powdered garlic and increased the cloves to 5. I also didn’t use the “Better than Bouillon” the author suggested, but Maggi’s Chicken Flavor Bouillon.

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