Why The Bluetooth Enabled Instant Pot Is Genius

Why The Bluetooth Enabled Instant Pot Is Genius

I found myself stuck in bed with my toddler, when my Instant Pot beeped. Couldn’t move, didn’t know what I should do. I didn’t want my soup to burn because of the keep warm setting. But I stuck it out, and it was worth it, because look at this…

…and the soup came out awesome anyway. When I reached the IP, the display said LO:23. Whoops! Still delicious, though.

I am currently 6 months pregnant, and I will be trying to breastfeed. Someone in the Instant Pot Community group on facebook mentioned that she also had thought of it during some nursing sessions where she couldn’t reach her pot or had to plan around eating times. With a total of three kids running around (well, the baby not so much at first!) the Bluetooth will come in super-handy!
Besides, nothing wrong with having two Instant Pots 😉

Chicken Lentil Soup (recipe)

Side note: I omitted the powdered garlic and increased the cloves to 5. I also didn’t use the “Better than Bouillon” the author suggested, but Maggi’s Chicken Flavor Bouillon.

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